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1. Emancipation of men from minority ethnic groups.

Statistics show that a large group of men and their partners lives in a vulnerable and isolated position. Many men feel themzelf renegate because of their social origin and position, causing pressure within the family. Emancipatory progress of their wives and daughters, they see it as a threat to them, and they feel themself in a position of subordination. In this project men are instructed about their influence in raising and educating children including the role of father in the family. 2009

2. "European languages" A cooperation between several European countries.

Taking into account the EU policy of widening the use of different languages in all Europe, we have been reflecting about ways of motivating participants to obtain or to improve knowledge in foreign languages. Learning languages is a never ending but exciting challenge. Especially now, due to the demanding job market, citizans are confronted to the need of communicating in one or two languages additionally to their own. Read more..

3. "Europas als Kommunikativer Ansatz"

Image of Europe as a communicative method. European Collaborative project in Munich Germany founded by European Commission with participants from seven European countries. This project consist of theoretical and practical intercultural communication when the participants receive basic information about culture, prejudice and different models of intercultural communication through practical situations. This was realised by doing interactive exercises, using role play and by exchanging views and intervision.

4. "Building bridges through cultures "

This project was a part of EU programmae and was founded by EU for Romania.. with the topic exchange of experience between The Chamber of Commerce in Romania and EU partners.