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About us

We are committed to the optimal intercultural dialoque. In cooperation with experts and organisations, we realize activities from a contemporary vision of development. It actually implementing of proposed plans is therefore an important driving force for us. We do this by starting with a good analysis of the issue. Than we highlight various aspects, such as the size of the target group, nature of the issues involved, and the government policy.

You can count on a good and flexible support based on professional quality. We have experience with project work in The Netherlands and abroad. We work for clients who want to improve the society and wish to promote the community spirit. In our work are the concepts as initiative, energy , entrepreneurship, and creativity of paramount importance. With our activities we try to bring the citizens of different cultures together. The aim is to promote mutual acceptance between citizens with various origin by means of exchange of experience and cooperation between the two groups. The activities are aimed at finding common interfaces, the development of (positive) image relative to each other and on strengthening the dialogue between cultures.
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Dynamic, Innovative, International, results oriented and open.

Cooperation is in our work very important. We work together in various areas and with different organizations and people. This may have the following advantages:
- Acceptance of other ideas
- Self-Esteem
- More confidence in each other
- Enhance team spirit
- More conscious in contact make
- Positive energy
- Fun

Clients/partners :
Government, welfare and education organizations, (inter) national NGOs