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"European languages" A cooperation between several European countries.

Taking into account the EU policy of widening the use of different languages in all Europe, we have been reflecting about ways of motivating participants to obtain or to improve knowledge in foreign languages. Learning languages is a never ending but exciting challenge. Especially now, due to the demanding job market, citizans are confronted to the need of communicating in one or two languages additionally to their own.

The strategy of the project is appropriate for paticipants and give also a genuine chance to reach participants of any education level, even illiterate. They enable tutors to present sensible topics like stereotypes and xenophobia in a respectful way. Cooperative learning generates more understanding and solidarity between participants. Cooperative learning has been proven to be really effective for all types of students: young or older, women or men, gifted or slow-going because it promotes learning and fosters respect and friendships among diverse groups of learners. The more diversity in a group, the higher the benefits for each learner. Considering that the European Union's goal is that all citizens should be able to speak three languages and taking into account the expectations of the labour market, we consider that it is our duty to promote the learning of European languages. 2011